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Our Story

Backed by more than five years of experience, RV Heroes is your source for superior camper repair services. We are a local company that offers direct lines of communication with our owners, extensive on-site repair services, and great deals on RV parts and accessories.

RV Heroes on-site repair company came into existence when the creators, Cody Cummings and Michael Lynn, noticed the growing need of RV owners for quick repair without the hassle of dragging their camper into a shop and leaving it for weeks or even months, only to be charged exorbitant fees to get it back. In an industry impoverished of customer service, our company was founded on exactly that—customer service. Too many times, especially in this industry, customers' needs take a backseat to profit, with the shortsightedness of corporate executives winning the battle between cost cutting and quick earnings versus long-term good business practices.

The goal of RV Heroes is to change that by providing over-the-top customer care and a high quality of work to customers who are not accustomed to receiving either. 


Scheduling: (205) 351-1126
Emergency: (334) 425-2688

Business Hours

Mon: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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